Ride Information and Routes

The Give Hope Ride has multiple routes all starting at Fishers Heritage Park. The shorter routes are best for  laid back riders. Cruiser bikes are welcome. The longer rides will challenge your endurance heading out in the countryside northeast of Fishers. Either way, you should enjoy the scenery along the way. Depending on the ride, you’ll pass over Geist reservoir twice, enjoy Forest Park in Noblesville, zip through historic Cicero and see Morse Reservoir. On all the rides we don’t expect traffic to be an issue since it’s a sleepy holiday morning around town.

Parking: Cruiser and adult ride participants are requested to park at Riverside Junior High School which is 1/4 mile north of 106th on Eller Road. We need to leave some of the limited spaces in the park for the families who are participating in the event (If you have special parking needs, please call Jennie at 317-588-3250 before ride day).  Make sure you come back to the park after the ride!

There’s a ride for everybody. Stay in Fishers or head out to Noblesville, Strawtown and Cicero. 

GHR Cruiser Map

 7.4 Mile Cruiser Ride
Short and sweet is sometimes the best way to do a ride like this. It’s a doable distance with just a few ups and downs to challenge your legs. If you’re pulling a baby buggy or your older kids want to ride along this could be the ride for you. No fancy bikes or bike shorts required. This ride takes you through downtown Fishers, by the Government Center and around Holland Park. You do need to wear a helmet. Ride With GPS Link  and Printable Cue Sheet

GHR 24 mile route

21.2 Mile Short Ride
You can make this ride whatever you want. A fast paced workout or just a meander across Fishers. The first few miles have some good rollers while the last few are super flat. Watch for boats when you cross Geist Reservoir on Fall Creek and Olio Road. The short ride heads east at 126th St. Medium and long rides head north on Olio. If you’re feeling peppy at that point you may want to switch to the medium ride. As always, helmets are required. Ride With GPS Link and Printable Cue Sheet

GHR 42 mile route

38.3 Mile Medium Ride
This is probably going to be our most popular distance. After the rollers across 106th and 96th Street you’re going to like how flat this course is. At Olio and 126th you’ll go straight over I69 then accross 156th to Prairie Baptist. Heading north on PB the medium ride splits west on 191st St (long ride goes straight). It’s nothing but cornfields from there till you get to Noblesville. Look for the 2nd SAG stop in Forest Park in Noblesville. River Road is bumpy in spots. Be careful.  Concierge service available this year at the first SAG. Be careful drafting and keep that helmet on. Ride With GPS Link and Printable Cue Sheet

GHR 52 mile route

48.6 Mile Long Ride
No doubt you’ll consume some extra carbs over the holiday weekend. This ride will help you balance that surplus in a hurry. This route is shorter than last year. Stay on Prairie Baptist all the way to Strawtown Road (the medium ride turns left on 191st). The second SAG is in Cicero at Big Dog’s Smokehouse.  Cruising Strawtown Rd is always a blast. Hold on for the home stretch down Hague Road. Concierge service available this year at the first SAG. Strap on your helmet. Let’s keep it safe. Ride With GPS Link and Printable Cue Sheet



Fishers Heritage Park at White River is where it all starts and finishes. This is one of the Fishers Parks Departments crown jewels with awesome facilities at 10595 Eller Road, Fishers IN 46038. The Historic Ambassador House has opened it’s 170 year old doors to us. We’ll have all the usual pre-ride goodies for you there. Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. There is limited parking in the park. Cruiser and adult ride participants are requested to park at Riverside Junior High School which is 1/4 mile north of 106th on Eller Road. Volunteers are requested to park at the school also.